DIS 6070 conference unit

This microphone unit with speaker and language selection facilities is the basic building block of DIS’ flexible conferencing systems, installed as permanent or temporary communication solutions for parliaments and conference centers all over the world.
We have taken a no-nonsense minimalistic approach to the design in order to aim the expression directly at the target group of politicians and business people. This unit is designed to be an unobtrusive high quality tool which falls naturally into the formal environment it is meant for.
In parallel with finishing the industrial design for this unit, our engineers have developed the mechanical construction for the various plastic and metal shells that make up the unit.

Opto-Plus i4wheels measuring head

The design for this camera-based digital measuring head for balancing wheels in auto workshops was developed in a cooperation between Spin Doc Design & Engineering and Qvortrup Design. The overall figure of a stylized eye combines with design motives from the auto world to form a sturdy tool suited for the hard life in the auto workshop. We put a lot of emphasis on making the use of the measuring head as self-explanatory as possible, while at the same time keeping the ergonomic aspects of handling a tool this size in mind. Our engineers took over the design project and took it through the engineering process , which in this case also included finding all the subcontractors and keeping the dialogue with them.