Universal joint concept

The construction starts on the paper, first with a fundamental examination of the constructional aspects of the present task. Later with rough principal sketches and finally more detailed hand drawings. On basis of the construction sketches the single parts of the joint are drawn as measureable 3D-solids in Pro/ENGINEER. During this process both parts ongoing form in a total picture of the total construction

The assembly drawing, where all ongoing changes in the part drawings automatically is updated. This process, where the sketching is done on each part and later tested in the assembled construction, continues until the constructor have finished the design. A development project is an iterative process and will normally include a number of tests with manufacture and test of prototypes from our own workshop. These tests help us to identify errors, check strength relationship and verify constructional assumptions. It is our experience that CAD is good but a physical prototype is even better.

Nilfisk advance

Using the basis of Nilfisk’s existing motor unit, Spin Doc Design and Engineering conducted the work of construction, which in time should become the first clean room vacuum cleaner, the IVT1000 CR. As the name tells the vacuum cleaner used for cleaning in clean rooms, this meant the vacuum cleaner itself should be clean to even bring it into the clean room environment in the first place. To achieve the highest possible level of purity the vacuum cleaner should frequently autoclaved and made the demands for the materials used high. With a temperature of autoclaving of 121 ̊C, materials like plastic and rubber was useless. Therefore there was worked with acid-proof steel and silicon joints, they were able to resist high temperatures and had surfaces resistant to different cleaning products. Depending on the level of dust, the vacuum cleaner can be provided with a module consisting of the right type of filter and dust bags, which makes it possible to collect the dust. Either using a traditional paper bag of one of the specially developed bags for class H, which can collect bio material. The IVT1000 CR can also be provided with at plastic bottom, a so called safety pack, collecting insanitary dust and seals it. From Nilfisk it was specified that the vacuum cleaner should not have a different design as the company wanted a raw and industrial look.