Oticon Skins

An accessory series in silicone for hearing aids etc, which protects against impact and dust while providing the user with an opportunity to add a personal look to the device. The range is developed by Spin Doc Design for Oticon in a joint development project, where we have handled design and product development as well as dialogue with the manufacturer. 
This project is a classical example on an integrated product development process where we solve the assignment in a cross-disciplinary group of designers and engineers, each contributing with their competences.
We have modelled these skins in 3D using Pro/ENGINEER, one of the most advanced development tools on the market when it comes to mechanical construction. Our engineers are experienced users of a number of the industry standard modelling tools, including Pro/E and Solid Works.

Opto-Plus measuring head

The i4wheels measuring head is the core of the Opto-Plus’ digital system for wheel adjustment in the auto service sector. A measuring head is attached to each of the car’s wheels, each equipped with a digital CCD camera system which supplies a central computer with measuring data. The auto mechanic uses these data to adjust the wheels angles to the car manufacturer’s settings.
A great deal of the project was about optimization of the construction, so that the desired design expression could be achieved with the use of fewer components. The measuring head exists in both a right- and left handed version, and we succeed in creating a construction where the components are reversible so that it can be used in both designs. This means great cost savings when buying tools, fewer parts to keep in stock and lower capacity costs.
In the i4wheels project the task has been to obtain a design and a construction which at the same time shows high technology and robustness and tells the user a story of what the product is capable off. We have used the eye motif together with a lot of characteristics from the world of the cars - scaled holes as in a classic sport car steering wheel, sturdy aluminum ridges and robust material - to achieve a design profile which fit into the present digital car repair workshop without losing the immediate quality of a good tool.

Asmo Marine throttle

Asmo Marine, who produces electrical machine systems for sailing boats asked us to design and develop an electrical speed handle to build into the side panel of a sailing boat.
Parallel with our designers shaping the visible part of the handle, our engineers developed a solid water proof house aimed at production in smaller numbers. We also handled testing and were responsible for arranging subcontractors for the production. The costumer thus got a product which was fully developed, tested and ready to sale.

Glud & Marstrand Steelbook

The client - a large scale manufacturer of sheet metal cans for the food industry – has  successfully expanded the market area of the company with with the Steelbook DVD cover.
Steelbook introduces a radical innovation compared to the market, which is dominated by low cost plastic packaging. By adding the weight and feel of steel to the DVD cover, Steelbook and gives the customer a high tactile experienced value, which is usually difficult to obtain in immaterial products like software and films.
Whe have developed the plactic part with hinges holding the two sheet metal parts and the back together, while Glud & Marstrand’s own R&D department has developed the sheet metal parts.