Developing products

Spin Doc Design & Engineering's core business is to develop industrial products of any kind in close cooperation with our customers. Over the years, we have provided know-how and manpower for a great variety of development projects in a great variety of businesses, ranging from microscopic medical devices to heavy industrial machinery. Because we have gathered some of the best engineers and industrial designers under one roof, we are well equipped and qualified to engage in all phases of the product development process – from the earliest design sketches to engineering and delivering the final documentation.

New Spin Doc partner 2012. Jeppe Marckmann, mechanical engineer, enters Spin Doc Design & Engineering as a partner. Jeppe has many years of experience from wotking with mechanical construction and concept development for a broad variety of companies, ranging from farming machinery over electronics to the specialized world of medical devices.

New and improved website. We felt it was time to update and redesign our website in order to reflect the recent changes that we have been through e.g. extending our company name. The new website offers many new features which we hope you will find more useful and inspiring.

From Spin Doc Design to Spin Doc Design & Engineering We recently extended our name from Spin Doc Design to Spin Doc Design & Engineering due to the fact that engineering constitutes a major part of our services, and so we decided it would be a good idea to make customers and potential customers more aware of the fact that we not only perform design services but also mechanical engineering.

In the world of medical devices, there is no room for failure. All precautions must be taken to ensure that the product will be used and work correctly every single time it performs its function, which can be several hundreds of thousands of times per day for global market oriented products.

That is why medical devices need to be designed with a constant focus on the practical aspects of the user situation in order to optimize the chances of correct use – and to be engineered with a manic emphasis on the three most important features of this type of product: Safety, safety and safety.

Over the years, we have gained a deep knowledge of the specialized demands posed by the R&D departments of the pharmaceutical companies when it comes to the development of medical devices. Through our daily work in cross-disciplinary teams with microbiologists, electronic engineers, doctors, physicists, laboratory technicians etc. we have gained a strong operational experience with sterilization, clean room production, validation, development of test equipment, and the particular DFM work related to high volume production.